We call him the Donald Duck man. He sounds just like Donald Duck and has delighted children for years with his wit and his voice! His name is Jake and he is the “man at the church” who does it all. He fixes plumbing, heating, sweeps, pulls weeds, visits those who can’t come to church weekly, makes sure everything is locked and makes sure you don’t bring your Big Gulp into the sanctuary. I have to confess I have done that in the past, quite clandestinely I might add. Even though I am older than scolding age, when Jake looks at you and says “you aren’t supposed to have that in here” it is scolding and I immediately turn in to an 8 year old girl who just got caught in the cookie jar! Jake has been a member at FBCLG for over 50 years and is a fixture. He plays the harmonica like no body’s business and tells the funniest corny jokes. That being said I have to tell this story. Every Sunday I sing in the choir or on the Worship team. Church starts at 10:20 pretty much on the dot give or take. I get busy talking to people (duh!) and loose track of time. The clock says 10:19 and my 3 cups of coffee have just kicked in. I have to go to the bathroom in the worst way. What can I do? Since I stand in the back row of the choir perhaps I can run downstairs and use the little bathroom by the church kitchen without anyone noticing then sneak in the back row. A cry from my bladder wins and I decide to go for it. The shoes I am wearing slip up and down on my feet. I put those Dr. Scholl’s thingys on inside the heel to keep them from slipping but the shoe on the left is still flopping. They get kicked off at the top of the stairs and I am barefoot. I run down the flight of stairs to the bathroom. As I am sitting there I suddenly catch my breath “I ran down a flight of stairs”! I could not believe that I ran down the stairs. It has been 6 months since my knee replacement surgery and I actually ran down the stairs. Running down the stairs was a task I have not been able to do for years because of these old knees. Then another thought crossed my mind….”oh no, Jake. He will find my shoes, pick them up and wonder what on earth they are doing there at the top of the stairs!”. If that happens I will truly be a barefoot baptist! Finishing up quickly I ran back UP the stairs and was relieved to see the shoes still there. I slipped them back on and made my way into the choir loft. The time was 10:22. Pastor Mike was just starting the music and I was on time albeit out of breath. Laughing to myself I had the other sopranos wondering what I had been up to. Secretly in my heart I was thanking God for my ability to run up and down the stairs, a feat I surely would share with Dr. Allsing at my 6 month check up the next day. Monday at 3:45 I got to his office parking my car with ease. Usually I am looking down at the ground for pennies and as usual that is what I was doing. No pennies this time. Walking with a skip in my step I could not wait to share the news with the good doctor. He laughed when I told him the story stating he had never known a patient like me! He meant it kindly, I know it. He said he would see me in 6 months which would be the 1 year mark and the last time he needed to see me for this particular surgery. I reflected on how merciful God had been and is to me. When I first had the knee replaced I was misrable because it was taking too long to heal. Patience is definitely a virtue in the healing of an artificual joint and normally I am bereft of patience. In the fruit of the spirit department patience must have been last on the list when it was given to me. Walking in to his office at the 6 week mark I said I would NEVER have that done again. Going in at the 6 month mark I would gladly have the other knee done (which is a given at some future time). Smiling, I walked out of the office back to the car. On the ground were 3 pennies right by my car. They had not been there when I got out. 3 pennies! I smiled, actually laughed and shook my head. Looking up in the brilliant blue sky I smiled and said “thank you God for so many things and in you I trust”. It reminded me of that nursery rhyme 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready and 4 to go! 3 pennies to get ready. Getting ready to live this next 6 months and the marvel of living in God’s provision for me. In God I Trust

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