Friends. I have always had people in my life that I considered friends. Friends for coffee, friends for shopping, friends to cry to, friends to laugh with, friends who know your deepest darkest secrets and will take it to the grave, friends who pray with you, bring you home made chicken soup, love you more than their luggage (a nod to Steele Magnolias) but in all my life I have never had friends like I do now. These ladies and I have raised our children together, buried our parents, been through hard times with our kids, husbands and families, rejoiced over grandchildren, endured surgeries, health issues, (bad movies), wayward children, put on weddings, showers, parties, studied God’s Word, held hands with bad news and good and laughed so hard we – well, lets just say sometimes we didn’t make it to the bathroom! There is something to say for longevity in friendship. You grow together as each decade passes and the friendship gets sweeter with age. Nice to have friends that will wrinkle with you, grow slower with you, get broader with you and grow deeper in love with Christ with you. Some of these ladies have moved away but they never move away from my heart and when we are together it is like we just saw each other yesterday. That connection that we made is still going strong. It never fades. I prayed for friends – I actually asked God when I was in my 20’s to give me a group of good Christian friends and He did with abundance! Jesus said “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” I think that verse could possibly have something to do with that prayer I prayed all those years ago for friends. Recently some of these girlfriends and I went away to a beach condo for a “girlfriend” weekend. We had a sweet time even though some of us hit the hay about 9! We did what we girlfriends do best – eat and talk. Walking and talking seemed to be the order for the weekend. One day as I came out of the condo there on the ground in front of me was 15 cents. A beautiful new shiny dime and nickel. I stood there – everyone had already gone to the cars – my eyes filled with tears because just minutes before that money was not there. God reminded me of the abundance of His good gift of friendship. He could have allowed me to find a penny but instead He gave to me in abundance once again. If you are blessed with even 1 friend you are rich. If you feel you do not have any friends pray and ask God to bring them to you then watch God work. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Pray for your friends. It is worth it to invest your love. LYMTMLV

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