“You only get one shot” she said. That sentence has resonated with me ever since. Today I substitute taught at a small school and saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years. She introduced me to her 2nd grader who is just adorable. It was so good to see her – we hugged and talked. She asked me what I was doing there and I told her I was subbing. I asked her what she was doing these days and she said “raising this little pumpkin, you only get one shot you know. My husband and I have cut our expences, do lots of free stuff, this is important.” That hit me right between the eyes. I only get one shot at this time in my grandchildren’s lives, in the life of my husband and of our marriage. God has blessed us so much and we are making it on my husband’s income with me substitute teaching on the side. What a step of faith in today’s society – to have a one income family when everything around you is screaming at you to “do more, have more, get more, more, more, more”. She said the pressure was large to return to work but she won’t. Raising that lovely child is the most important job she will ever do. Producing honest, God fearing, hard working, decent adults is a tall order and a huge job. Many moms raise wonderful kids while holding down a job but I’ll bet if you asked them a very large percentage would say that in their heart of hearts they would like to stay home and not work. I know there are many stories out there pro and con yes and no for and against. I worked the entire time my kids grew up. I always told moms at my school that if they possibly could stay home and raise their children then they should do it. Some did, most didn’t. I found a penny after I left. Trusting God for whatever He brings in my life. So grateful that I can have an opinion on this matter and to have my friend remind me “you only get one shot”. Titus 2 Older women teach the younger women “to be workers at home.”

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