I must have that face that makes people just want to share their life story. I went to a neighborhood garage sale today. Scored big time as I channeled my “inner Jodi Hattox”, a dear little lady at my church who says to me every Sunday “you will not believe what I got yesterday for a quarter”! I got an entire huge tub of play camping toys for a $1 tub included. The young lady sitting at the keyboard in her driveway said “just want to get rid of it”. Inside the tub was a penny. I pondered keeping it since I actually purchased it for $1 (making it truly only .99) but I gave it to her. So I am blogging about it – the penny I mean. Since my team teacher at school and I wanted to do an end of the year indoor camping experience with our kids this was perfect!

Now back to the comment about my face. After the yard sale adventure (and believe me it was!) I went to get my car washed. It had weeks and months of grit and dirt caked on it. Perhaps the dirt was holding the car together I was not sure. The sign said “FREE VACUUM WITH CAR WASH” and that was for me. In the floor of my car were old red jelly beans, pieces of little gravel and sandy stuff, Starbucks straw papers and something looking like a dried caterpillar. Going in I saw a very stern looking lady behind the cash register. I told her I came to this station because of the Free sign. Anything free was good enough for me. She said “not only do you get free vacuum but you also get .20 cheaper on your gas. People just don’t know that.” I said I needed to fill my tank and she said she would help me get it all figured out. The encounter I was about to have was definitely designed by God. This precious lady said “so glad to feel better today”. “Did you have the flu?” I replied. “Oh no, I wish! I have the worst periods” (men you can stop reading now – ladies you will so sympathize). “I have this burning all over (as she was doing a circling motion around her abdomen).” “Do you have endometriosis?” I asked. “No I have fibroids. I want to have a baby but I am 46. I don’t want to give up. The 800 motrin doesn’t even help me at all. The doctors say they can’t do anything else. My husband and I we have the money and are ready. It will be in God’s time.” “Don’t give up I will pray for you. What is your name?” I inquired. She told me her name. “Are you a Christian?” was my next question. “I am catholic I believe in Jesus Christ.” “Sweet sister you can count on me to pray for you. I will be checking on you don’t ever give up”. Now I ask you – who tells a random stranger a story like that? I mean it really? Would you tell some lady off the street about your female issues? God has a way of putting people in our lives if we just open up to the opportunity and LISTEN to them.

On Sunday my pastor said “we can close our garage doors and build our fences, close the front door and watch our TV or we can get involved in people’s lives – relationships are messy. Love is an action verb it is not just a feeling.” Amen to that brother. As I was getting ready for my free vacuum (oh, she also said if the 4 tokens weren’t enough just let her know she would give me more – don’t think she saw the jelly beans but who knows?) I found a penny in the floorboard. I picked it up and held it close. I do trust in God. He provided that “appointment” for me today with that precious lady. I will go back and check on her to see how she is doing but I won’t wait until my car looks like it has been in a Monster Truck Mud Rally!

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