As I walked in to the market by my house my nose was immediately filled with the aroma of fresh tortillas and I made my way post haste to the counter to be handed a nice, hot tortilla from the friendly senora behind the counter. I had stopped by to get some fresh tortillas, avocado, milk and other items to go with my attempt at Mexican cooking for Father’s Day. I love that little market and that is it locally owned and run by people who live in my neighborhood.

After paying for my goodies I left the checkout counter. My purse was ringing! It was my daughter calling wanting me to talk to my grandson about yogurt. My daughter adopted her precious son when he was 4 years old. He came to live with her as a foster child at age 2. I remember the first day I saw him. When I laid eyes on him my heart immediately knit to his. “Who is this?” I asked her. “This is Tyler. He is scared. Mom, he is a drug baby and has been eating out of trash cans plus his mom regularly locked him and his sister in closets while men came in and out of her home.” Poor little guy I prayed for him as I got closer to him. I introduced myself to him. He looked at me with his big blue eyes and his pink little thumb in his mouth. Sitting down on the couch I reached over to stroke his hair. He recoiled and turned away. Speaking softly to him I said “Hi Tyler, it’s OK”. Ever so slowly he moved closer until he was right next to my knee. As he lay his head on my knee I finally stroked that soft blonde hair and knew right then that this would be a lovely, long relationship.

My daughter took several children in to her home over the years. It was hard not to get attached to them but they all eventually were re-united with their mothers or went to be with family. That is the goal of the foster family system. It is hard when you are so attached and I quite admit that I secretly wished that Tyler would stay with her. She and I did everything we could to help Tyler’s birth mother going as far as taking her to a family Easter gathering and introducing her to all of our large extended family who welcomed her with open arms. Just thinking about that day makes my heart beat faster because at that very time I disliked her intently for the way she had treated this precious little angel. How could she lock him in a closet and make him eat out of trash cans? For weeks he had been hiding food under his mattress at my daughter’s home. She found the food when she moved the beds around in the room. Reassurance was what he needed from her because he was not going to ever miss a meal if she had anything to do with it.

Things did not work out for Tyler’s mom and she left the state and relinquished all parental rights. The case worker came to my daughter and asked if she was interested in adopting him. She said yes so fast you could probably feel the air whiz past your face. She called me and we rejoiced together taking this petition to the Lord as we prayed that if it was God’s will that every door would fling open and fling they did!

Now I am on the phone with my daughter and my 11 year old grandson. He has ADHD from the foolishness of his mother and her drug addiction. This little guy is really suffering inside. He cannot control his actions as hard as he tries. Before he was given the medication he said to me “I prayed to Jesus to help me my head is all fuzzy my brain hurts.” Tyler asked his mom to put him on medication because he was tired.

Putting him on medication was a hard decision for her and her husband. We all prayed about it desperately seeking God’s wisdom as to how to handle this situation knowing Tyler was fearfully and wonderfully made in his mother’s womb. God knew his unformed substance long before he was even a thought. He was protected in that womb, God knowing that he would be given to a wonderful woman with a huge heart for him and for children in general. As we spoke of what flavors of yogurt to get to help him swallow his pill I said “oh wait, wait, wait I see a penny in the floor of the store….wait no there are two, oh hello there are three!” There were three pennies in the floor right in front of me. How gracious our God is to allow his pennies to fall from heaven to remind me to trust in Him. Just the day before she had called me so upset and desperate I was going to get on the next plane to Portland to be with her. That night I spent in prayer for her and Tyler every chance I got. The Lord kept reminding me that He was there, in control and for me to trust Him with Tyler and the sanity of my daughter whom I love dearly.

As I walked out of the store I put the pennies in my pocket and patted them securely. We finished the call deciding on coconut yogurt. It is his favorite flavor and mine. “I love you Nana” came from his sweet mouth to my ear. Trusting God is serious business. Getting in the car to go home I smelled the tortillas and checked again for the pennies in my pocket. Three pennies and a warm tortilla. That’s just good good good.

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