You know that moment when you push “send” or “post” and it is too late to take it back? That happened to me one innocent morning. It is my habit to get up and spend time with the Lord in my living room on my big comfy couch. By my side is my cell phone and as I read scripture and pray names will come to me and I will pray that particular scripture for them or text them with encouraging words.

That fateful morning I was texting with my niece. She and I had exchanged a few texts and I went on reading my bible. As I read in the Psalms a passage jumped off of the page to me and I knew I had to pray for my pastor right then. I prayed that scripture over him. Fortunately we are also friends so I do have his cell number. Now this a guy who never really texts and will tell you he does not like it. He asked me one day “now what are your expectations of me if you text me? Am I to text you back immediately or at all?” So, you get the point.

Well, I started writing the text and my niece’s text broke in so I read it and was going to respond when I got distracted by my coffee maker being ready. The smell of fresh coffee drew me from my texting like the dog in the movie UP when he is talking and then says “squirrel” as he is easily distracted by the little varmint. Leaving my phone and cozy spot I went to fetch(pun intended)the beckoning coffee. When I got back to my seat I picked up my phone and finished the text to my niece (or so I thought) ending it with an XOXO (hugs and kisses). OH MY GOSH I realized too late that I sent the text to my pastor! I laughed really hard and thought “now what?” A follow up text was sent immediately apologizing for the mix up explaining that the text was meant for my niece.

I went in to the bedroom to confess my sin to my husband and tell him that we would probably not be going to that church any more! He laughed and said “I will be expecting a phone call from him later asking why I can’t keep my wife under control.” We both knew he would get a laugh out of it. Later I called his wife and apologized to her. She said “yeah, he came in to me and asked me what xoxo meant and I said “who is xoxoing you?” He said “Terrie” then she got a good laugh at my expense as he read the followup text to her. Whew, we don’t have to leave the church after all, the deacons will not call a special meeting, my name is still on the books but believe me I will be making sure I check my recipient before I press “send”.

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