Good Morning Beloved

Proverbs 19:17 

“Mercy to the needy is a loan to God, and God pays back those loans in full.”(The Message translation). We all know needy people down on their luck that could use a few dollars, a meal, free babysitting, and lots of other needs to support. Even in your roughest times you can still be a blessing to someone else. There was a time someone desperately needed money for a ministry. It was the week before Christmas when I got the phone call. Grabbing the phone with my icing covered hands was probably not the best idea! It was a friend telling me that their ministry was in need of fruit to fulfill the baskets for the homeless. Someone was supposed to bring the fruit but literally backed out at the last minute and could I help. I only had $50 left to purchase the rest of what I needed for Christmas. We always have a big breakfast on Christmas morning and I had not purchased the food or some gifts I needed. I prayed over the $50 and gave it to the Lord. I cleaned up and went and bought the fruit, took it to my friend’s house where I was greeted with a big smile and warm hug. He was thrilled. The truck from the charity was there so I helped pack the baskets. As I went home I said “well we will just have a different Christmas this year. Making new memories”. A few days later my husband brought in the mail as usual. There was a card with a return address that was unfamiliar to me. As I opened the pretty card a piece of paper fell out. The card said “The Lord laid it on my heart to send this to you”. The paper that fell out was a check for $50.00! This woman hardly knew me and most certainly did not know my situation.  Tears welled up immediately as I bowed my head and thanked God for His provision. I didn’t have her number so I wrote her a thank you letter telling her the whole story. We both got a blessing out of our obedience! I am sure you have stories like that. If not it’s never too late to watch God work as you do His work here on earth. He will always provide. I know you have heard “you can’t out give God”. Ask Him to make you aware of the needs around you and be obedient when He shows you. Be a blessing and be blessed in return.❤️ 

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