Good Morning Beloved. 

Proverbs 27:17-18   
“Iron sharpens iron so one friend sharpens another. If you care for your orchard, you’ll enjoy it’s fruit; if you honor your boss you’ll be honored”. These two verses are PACKED with advice! 1. Friends keep each other accountable sharpening each other’s minds with intelligent discussion. 2. Care for your home, family, body, mind, and enjoy the harvest. 3. Honor those in authority over you; you will be honored in return. A friend came to me recently complaining about her boss. I said “have you asked her if there is anything you could possibly do for HER? How you could help her? Does she need anything?” She replied rather quizzically “Well no, should I?” Giving her a hug I advised her to come alongside and try it. I suggested that she may be pleasantly surprised. My friend did that very thing the next day. The results were eye opening. Not only did her boss drop her guard; tears filled her eyes as she said that no one had ever treated her with so much kindness. She had been going through some tough issues at home and could use a prayer or two. The boss’s countenance changed, she softened her tone and started presenting a gentler heart all because an employee wanted to help HER. The work environment even took on a more relaxed feel! Look around you today. Someone needs your attention, your kindness, a soft word, a note of thanks, your “sharpening”. Take care of your orchard and then water someone else’s. ❤🍁

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