Good morning Beloved. 

 2 Chronicles 16:9a   (“a” meaning the first part of the verse) 

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” The Message says it this way “God is always on the alert, constantly on the lookout for people who are totally committed to Him.” In this section of scripture King Asa of Judah, instead of relying on God to fight his battle, went to another earthly king for help. Because of that act Asa lost the battle. Previously an even bigger army had come against Asa and he had relied on the Lord and God delivered him! What happened? Short term memory loss? What happens with us? Have we forgotten who God is? This verse says His eyes are moving all over the earth to STRONGLY support those whose hearts are completely His. Well I would much rather have the support of the mighty living God than any person on earth that’s for sure. If your heart is not completely His today it can be. Jesus told us to love the Lord our God with ALL of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Is that you today? When I have an issue hit me my knee jerk reaction is to rally support from my family and friends. I need to call someone to buoy me up. I remember a specifically difficult time at work where I was getting blasted from all sides. I called my dear husband and said “I just needed to talk to someone who is on my side”. He patiently listened to my woes. Have you ever felt like that? I failed to remember in that moment that God is always for me! He is looking to strongly support me because my heart is completely His. Oh how I wish I had learned that and taken it to heart when I was younger. Instead of being so wrapped up in my own fear, anxiety and pain I could have been at peace and productive for the kingdom. God is there for you dear one. He is always on the alert to strongly support you. Let Him fight your battles, give you strategy for movement, overwhelm you with his peace. Learn from Him. Take your situations to Him first! Learn from Him by studying His word. There is actionable intel about the enemy in God’s word. He has given us the armor to fight. As we are in battle God is strongly supporting us as we grow in our walk with Him. King Asa ended up contacting a disease. The bible says “his disease was severe, yet in his disease he did not seek the Lord”. His pride kept him from going to his only hope. God is looking to strongly support you today my friend. Give your heart totally to Him and watch Him work. Be amazed.❤

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