Good Morning Beloved

And as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive. (Genesis 50:20 NASB)

     Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat was the title on the program on my lap. Believe it or not I had never seen the show. So here I sat in a small downtown San Diego theater  watching our dear Lamb’s Players and my friend Joy perform this fun musical. When Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote this play I just wonder if they had done any deep scriptural research. If they had surely they knew that Joseph, in the end, was not a bitter man but had become rich in character and more devout and dedicated to God as the years progressed.
     Joseph had been sold in to slavery as a young boy by his jealous brothers. Young Joe was a dreamer, an interpreter of dreams. Granted, as a youth his timing was wrong in telling his brothers they would one day bow down and worship him. That is what got him thrown in to a pit in the first place. That, and the fact that daddy gave him the most beautiful coat they had ever seen and they got zip, nada, nothing! 
     So here he was with 10 older brothers and one younger and he was telling them he was all that and a bag of chips and bingo he was sent to Egypt! That is where the plot thickens. The boys take the coat, tear it up and cover it in animal blood, tell dad Joseph is dead, weep and wail (pulling off academy award performances I am sure), and go on with their lives. 
     Meanwhile, Joseph is spending his days as a slave in a foreign land. He has been stripped of his family, his daily life, the comfort of his homeland and everything familiar, even his dignity. He cannot speak the language and I am sure he is terrified. According to the scripture he is a model slave. He ends up in jail; falsely accused. He puts his talents of interpreting dreams to good use and ends up running the country of Egypt ultimately saving the remnant of the Israelites. He forgives his brothers after messing with their minds a little and is reunited with his still grieving father. 
     God sees the big picture. Joseph told his brothers that what THEY meant for evil GOD meant for good. Joseph hung in there. He did not rebel and become bitter against God. He went with his fate. He adapted to the situations he was in. He prayed to God and trusted Him. God brought people and situations in to his life to further His plan for the big finish; to save a people. 
     I look back over my life and I see how God has used all of the dysfunction and trials in my life to work for my good. I marvel at what He has turned to His glory in that I have many stories to share with others of His faithfulness and provision. During the times of pain in the experiences I did not see the reasons but as I got through to the other side the outcomes have been a blessing. Being able to hold someone’s hand as they are sobbing and say “I know exactly where you are” is a blessing. Romans 8:28 says that God does work all things to our good when we know God and are called according to His purpose. Perhaps Paul had the story of Joseph in mind as he penned those words. 
     Precious one where do you find yourself today? Are you in that pit, in a jail of sorts, in a foreign land? That land does not necessarily mean a change of country. It can be that you are without a job and about to be homeless (foreign to you), you are gravely ill (foreign to you), you have been gobsmacked and betrayed (foreign to you). There are many foreign places we may be asked to travel. Know that a loving, merciful, all seeing God is walking beside you. He is in the business of character and faith building. Take the opportunity today to really look at your circumstances and ask God how He will work these for your good. Joseph told his brothers point blank that God used their evil deeds to bring about that present result which was the salvation of a nation; to preserve many people alive! How is He using your life today? Give it some thought. Write it down then share it with God. Let Him lead the way. Hold His hand as you traverse the road. He won’t disappoint. ❤

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