Good Morning Beloved

And how blessed all those in whom You live, whose lives become roads You travel. (Psalm 84:5 MSG)

     Last night, as we lay on the bed waiting for that second we were to push the button on the Southwest Airlines website to get our boarding passes to go home from a lovely visit with our daughter and her family, my husband and I became very reflective of our lives. Did we ever in our wildest dreams think we would be holding small computers in our hands that connected us instantly with basically everything and everyone in the world? When we were young had we ever thought that we would be happily married in our 60’s? Had we even thought about being 60? Oh my goodness how time has slipped passed us like when you pour the hot spaghetti in the colander in the sink, it misses the colander because your glasses have fogged over from the steam and it all goes right down in to the disposal. There is no 5 second rule when the spaghetti has made it to THAT destination. My point is that life can slip through your fingers before you know it.
     Here in this verse the Psalmist is saying that there is blessing in walking with God. Steve and I reflected on the road we had traveled together, the hard ugly “Is this the end?” times, the we are so in love we can’t stand it times but mainly the every day-ness of a life lived with God walking in and through us. Of these golden years, so they are called, we pondered why they were called golden and laughed about gold crowns, titanium knees and high grade metal casings on pace makers. We also agreed that they were golden because God has been our partner. He has been the center and third party in this covenant we made on April 22, 1978. The glue that has held us together down this road. We purposed to never give up on each other no matter what. 
     Whatever is going on in your life, your journey down the road and in your every day; walking with God makes the difference. Give Him your attention. Allow Him to guide your steps. Walk WITH Him. Be aware of Him in all you do. My life has been full of bumps, twists, long rocky paths, dark tunnels, disappointments, grief, pain and through it all there has been joy. That joy can only come from a walk with a living, loving, long suffering, life giving Father  who has been by my side every minute. I choose to walk with God. It is a choice I make every day. You have that very same privilege; to choose God. Let your life become a testament to Him. Choose God. ❤ 

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