Good Morning Beloved


Let love of the brethren continue. Hebrews 13:1 (NASB)

     It is my habit each day to spend time with the Lord first thing in the morning when I am at my best. I get a cup of coffee and sit down in my “spot” to read the word and pray asking Him to guide my thoughts to what He would like me to write about that day. I read my daily devotion and then start reading scripture. As I am reading and praying God brings to mind my blog topic for the day.
     Today I am sitting here on my big comfy couch looking out my french doors at the much needed rain listening to it’s familiar patter on the patio roof. As I am praying and watching I wondered where the phrase “under the weather” came from. I woke up this morning feeling sore all over and kind of sickish. Dealing with knee replacement recovery on top of it all made me feel worse.
     So back to my thought of the catch phrase many of us use to describe our state of health. Looking out at the rain and cold wind blowing I realized that I definitely felt “under” whatever was going on out my window. Google to the rescue. By the way I loved Google’s headliner today. It’s a snow globe with ice skaters celebrating the first day of winter. I love snow globes so much. Thank you Google (but, I digress).
     Google says “under the weather is to be unwell. Thus comes again from a maritime source. In the old days, when a sailor was unwell, he was sent down below to help his recovery, under the deck and away from the weather.” It goes on to say “originally it meant to feel seasick or to be adversely affected by bad weather. The term is correctly ‘under the weather bow’ which is a gloomy prospect; the weather bow is the side upon which all the rotten weather is blowing.”
     So there we have it. I was feeling below deck. The bad weather was happening outside and I was feeling it. Immediately I started praying and asking others to pray. I texted my son who is with his wife’s family in South Dakota. He texted back “Brody (his 5 year old son) is in the car with me and I wish you could have heard his prayer for you. He said ‘God, now you can make Grandma Terrie better and it really better be today.'” Brody always starts his prayers out by saying “God”. He goes straight to the top, no fooling around. He states his request and says Amen. I love that he knows God is there and will listen to him. That is the “come boldly to the throne of grace” we read about in Hebrews 4:16.
     I then texted a few family members to ask God to have mercy on me and heal me as I am really looking forward to our Christmas celebration gatherings. I also texted some sisters in Christ I knew would pray. The responses were immediate.  I was experiencing the love of the brethren. The love of the brethren continues. I have experienced that love throughout my life. The writer of Hebrews continues on to say not to neglect to show hospitality to strangers you never know when you might be entertaining an angel, also remember the prisoners and those who are ill treated. These 3 verses encompass mercy, love, charity and living like Jesus did.  Today let love for one another continue. Say an extra prayer for someone you don’t always think to pray for today. Pray for those imprisoned and the ones who serve them, be hospitable. Let Jesus’ love shine through you today.

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