Good Morning Beloved

The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness You restore him to full health. Psalm 41:3 (NASB)

     Pain. Physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain, spiritual pain. There is certainly enough to go around. On December 10 I had my right knee replaced. I was geared up for it, ready to go, so I thought. My mind had lulled me in to believing that it was not going to be that bad. I had been through it before surely it would not be worse than before. My attitude was good. I was prayed up, people were praying for me, I had an excellent surgeon and the best most loving caregiver a girl could ask for. I was ready.
     The reality of it all hit me when the feeling came back in to my lower limbs and they could not get my pain under control for 4.5 hours. This was going to be nothing like before. Just like the doctor said, all surgeries are unique. Just like every childbirth has it’s nuances, no two are a like. The only prayer I could mutter was “God help me”. I said that out loud over and over so many times. Reflections of my prayer life came flooding to me. I have never been one to pray for myself much. Recruiting prayer warriors to  go to war for me has been more my style. I go to spiritual battle for others too. So here I lay; just the severe pain, me and a merciful God who is much more powerful than any dose of torodol, Vicodin, morphine or pecocet.
     Pain can be isolating. Surely you are alone in your pain in terms of others experiencing it with you.  You feel it, you experience it, you live in it, walk in it, sleep in it. Trying to get away from it is futile so I decided just to give in and go with it asking God to guide me through the fog and mire of the path. Heck, I had just basically had my leg amputated and put back together. Miraculous! Looking for a deeper spiritual meaning in the pain I could find none. It was just part of life. You just go through it. A voice in my head that sounded a lot like Chuck Swindoll said  “Life is 10%  what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. We are in charge of our attitudes.” He is famous for that  saying. Attitude is key I decided. Have a positive attitude Miss Pollyanna. This too shall pass, remember?
     I threw myself a few pity parties sans evites. Party for one please. Not fun or attractive. Life goes on around you. God walks with you. He is always there no matter what. Remembering that in the midst of searing pain is a tall order.
     Searching my spiritual closet looking for a cloak or jacket of something that looked like “Onward Christian Soldier” was hard to find. Then just in the nick of time God gave me a shawl of comfort in a well placed phone call, a card made by a precious little girl, enjoying a funny movie with a friend, an unscheduled knock at the door where stands a dear saint bearing hot soup, a text at 4:00AM reminding me others are praying. He showed me that the world going on outside of my door was still turning and I was NOT isolated unless I chose to be.  God brought unexpected comfort on many fronts.
     I was not really alone in my pain. God was showing me touches of His mercy and teaching me that He had provided for me in every respect. I am in a class titled Learn From This 101. I used to tell the high schoolers I taught to take every experience God GAVE to them and experience it to the fullest so that they would be able to say “I know how you feel.” Learning never stops. What did my grandma used to say? “You learn something new every day” she would remind me. She would tell me to keep my eyes open for every opportunity to learn, ask questions, be present, be active, be positive, always help others, love your family and hone your cooking skills. Those cooking skills will take you a long way Terrie Lynn, she would say coating her zillionth batch of chicken to be fried. No one, and I mean no one, beat my Grandma Smith’s fried chicken!
     God sustains us in our sickbeds. In Psalm 41:1 King David says how blessed we are when we consider the helpless; the Lord will deliver us in our day of trouble. He will sustain us. Praising Him today for His mercy, care, love and instruction. Thank you Lord for your continued watch care today. Who needs a tender touch from Him today? My prayer is that you will receive an A+ in Learn From This 101 as you experience life with a God who sustains. ❤

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