Good Morning Beloved

Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26 (NASB)

Pennies from heaven, a penny for your thoughts, a penny saved is a penny earned, sayings we know by heart. You may have heard  people say “it was worth every penny” and “if I had a penny for every time some body asked me that I would be rich” or “I’ll bet that cost him a pretty penny”. One can be a penny pincher or penny wise and pound foolish. I remember Frenchy’s face in the movie Grease when she found a penny and said “find a penny, pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck”. Pennies are significant in our culture even though we are now hearing that they cost more than a penny to make!
This morning a friend messaged me about how I started my penny journal. Did I actually attach the penny to the page? What type of journal did I use? I answered her and that got me thinking of that day back in 2004 when I read the article that started me on my journey (cue wavy lines and etherial music).
A newspaper reporter was interviewing a wealthy man at a restaurant. As the two walked in the millionaire stopped to pick up a penny he spotted on the ground. The reporter thought it odd and made a mental note to ask the gentleman about it later. They finished their dinner and the reporter got all of the information he needed for his article. As the man was about to get in his cab the reporter remembered the penny. He inquired why this man with much wealth would pick up an insignificant coin. The man’s reply was what kick started a way of life for me. He told that young reporter that the coin reminded him to trust God for whatever he was going through at the moment. Our coins have the inscription “In God We Trust” and that was his motto.
While chewing on that article for several days I found 2 pennies on the ground outside of Staples. Picking them up I asked God what He wanted me to trust Him for that day. Being the administrator for a preschool and elementary school brings a myriad of challenges. That is where I found myself that day; smack dab in the middle of my need to trust God for His school. When I got home that night I dug through all of the spiral bound notebooks I had collected as gifts over the years. You know the ones that end up in a pile by your bed or at the top of your closet. Finding one with a good sturdy cover and tight binding I taped the pennies in and jotted down a few lines. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would turn my life around and have a ripple effect.
As I told people my story others began their own In God We Trust journeys. My cousin told me that when he sees a penny he picks it up and thinks of me and what God is doing in his life. He finds the act very comforting. My daughter and granddaughter tape pennies to my desk. My husband gave me a very penny appropriate card for a birthday. Friends have emailed me about their penny discoveries. It is fun to see how God works in the human heart!
I had a very telling conversation with a friend recently. We had been out all day with friends walking all over an amusement park. I had just told them the penny story. The day went by and I had not found any pennies at all. He came to me telling me there must be something to that penny story of mine. You see, he told me he “baited me” by dropping pennies around me and I never saw one of them! I smiled as, once again, I related that the pennies I found were a reminder from God to trust in Him. I could not explain it at all I just knew that the pennies I found were significant in my life. He got a grin on his face as he said “well, it works”.
Many times when my heart feels like it has turned to stone God has used the finding of a simple coin to turn my heart to flesh. Pennies have been discovered in parking lots, grocery store lines, shoe boxes in Payless shoes, floors of hospitals, under my chair last week at a doctor appointment about which I was nervous, at camp sites, mainly any time I needed a heart check there is God with a concrete reminder of who He is. I know to many this may sound trite but to me it has been huge. My joy would be to speak to women all over about my journey and how God is working. I am praying to that end.
My simple journal has turned in to a very large 3 ring binder with page protectors separating the entries. God multiplies. That is why this blog is titled Peace Joy Penny. The pennies bring me peace accompanied by joy. If you have questions message me. I will be glad to share. ❤


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