Good Morning Beloved

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future. Proverbs 31:25 (NASB)

     Audre Smith was a force with which to be reckoned. A natural red head born in Missouri she was the 6th of the 7 Skipper kids. Musically talented from birth she would be playing piano at age 8 for the local Assembly of God church. She was my grandmother. Chipper, carefree with a feisty attitude to match the flaming red that fell around her shoulders. 
     Her two children and grandchildren will all have different opinions and stories about grandma. Three of my cousins lived with her growing up so they saw her warts and all. Their stories might take a different turn. I just know that as I watched her throughout my life I wanted to be like her. When I read Proverbs 31 I think of both of my grandmothers.  
     Grandma was a Christian. She would tell me the story of accepting Christ at age 7 and being baptized in a little creek. She was also human and liked a hot toddy from time to time. It was well known that Audre Smith loved her vino. She was not a drunk but could be tipsy on occasion. 
     One day grandma made some beef stew for us. Mom and dad divorced so we would welcome dinner from anyone any time, especially Grandma Smith. It was summertime so we were home and I was babysitting. Grandma pulled up at the curb. She walked around the car and got the stew out of the front seat. Her foot caught between the curb and the car. As she turned the stew went all over the sidewalk with grandma flat on her face. 
     Harriet was also a flaming red head and some what of a busy body with a heart of gold. She lived across the street and would keep an eye out for us. From her vantage point she could not see the pan grandma had in her hand. What Harriet saw was grandma fall, stew go everywhere, grandma laying in the beefy deliciousness. With much haste Harriet called mom at work. Mom was in sales at Hafter’s Haggerty in Grossmont Center a few miles from home.  With a frantic voice Harriet said “Oh Gertie you need to come home right now. Audre is drunk and has thrown up all over the sidewalk in front of your house!” That makes me chuckle just writing this. 
     Grandma got up and she was as mad as her hair color. Harriet came running out of her house yelling at Grandma. How could she come over in that condition? Grandma had a few choice words for miss busy body. I don’t think I ever heard my little grandma speak her mind quite like that! Plus her hard work was all over the driveway in front of 8450 June Lake Drive. When she told the story later she laughed at herself and exclaimed “dogs were coming for miles!” Actually only our dog Happy got a gourmet doggy meal. 
     That is one of the many great stories about my grandma where she could laugh at herself. She was strong and dignified and always prepared. Everything made from scratch, meals expertly prepared and always on time with food to spare for those in need. Lessons learned from my grandma. She walked in wisdom head held high even when she was flat on the sidewalk rolling in potatoes, carrots and gravy! 

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