Nevertheless I am continually with Thee; You have taken hold of my right hand. Psalm 73:23 (NASB)

And your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left. Isaiah 30:21 (NASB)

One of the absolute joys of my life is taking care of my grandkids. I love them all and feel thankful and honored when asked to care for them. Braxton is two and he is a delight! He loves life down to his core. I say, “we are going to go to Target” and he puts his hands in the air and says “woo hoo”. He does that same thing for “I am making mac and cheese for lunch” and “we are going to my house” so, there’s that. That kid is a natural born athlete and can make a basket like nobody’s business. Watch out when he throws a tennis ball to you because the force of his throw could knock your tooth out!  He is sweet, funny and fearless. His antics take me by surprise as he jumps from step to step or walks on thin boards like a balance beam gymnast. The kid is something else!

 Braxton is in the hat here with his big brother Brody
Last week I had the privilege of having him in my care for several days. Because he is always so compliant I knew I could take him to the doctor with me without a problem. Getting him out of his car seat (a feat in itself), I have him stand by the car with his hands on the car while I lock the door and get my purse. I took his hand and we walked toward a short cut through a long dark hallway. We got to the hallway and Braxton stopped and tightened the grip on my hand. He looked up at me and I said, “It’s OK. I’ve got you.”  As we walked down that long hallway he kept hesitating but trusting me. I reassured him that at the end of this hall was a beautiful garden and a pretty fountain.

We got to the end and he let go of my hand and ran on to the lushous green grass. He then pointed to the fountain with a huge smile. “I told you” I said. With joy, he put his fingers in the water of the fountain, then we walked in to my doctor appointment destination.

We all walk down long dark hallways in life. Our path does not look clear. Our lives change in an instant. Suddenly our calm daily lives are thrust in to a 5:00 rush hour traffic situation. We get a phone call and think all is lost. That medical diagnosis was definitely out of left field. You thought your adult children had it all together then BAM, not so much! What do you do? Are you holding Jesus’ hand tight? He is walking right beside you and He will carry you when you just can’t walk another step. He holds our hand tight and leads us down that path full of mine fields. Jesus knows where to step to avoid the explosion. If we are holding Him close we will be safe. PLEASE dear friend, hold His hand like my little Braxton, unsure of his way but trusting that grandma would not lead him in to harm’s way. At the end of that trial, test, long dark hallway or deep pit is beauty. Do not allow the enemy to steal, kill and destroy your joy or your life. Fight with all you have. Hold on tight!  God gives beauty for ashes. When I experienced that situation with precious Braxton God reminded me that I had been in Braxton’s place and He in mine and I would be again. “Learn from me”, I heard Him gently say. Learn from Him precious one. #whenyouwalkwiththewise

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