Recently I traveled to Colorado to see my niece Coryann graduate from Colorado Mesa University. It was a very proud day for our family. My sister invited me to ride with her and her dear husband and hey, why don’t we make a road trip out of it? Immediately I started hearing “Holiday Rooooooad” in my head with visions of Aunt Edna strapped to the top of the car along with a weird visit with cousin Eddy. Instead of cousin Eddy we decided to visit our more metropolitan cousins Tod and Sid. Tod lives in Las Vegas and Sid in St. George, Utah.  Growing up we were all very close but as time passed we would see each other less and less. Miles separate us but our hearts are still knit.

So off we went on the road playing the “license plate game” and eating way too much of that fruit and nut mix from Costco. Tod welcomed us with open arms and cooked us a scrumptious meal as he is a master in the kitchen. We laughed and reminisced till quite late. Heading off the next day we arrived at Sid’s home in St. George. After dinner at a gourmet pizza restaurant and lots of great conversation walking down memory lane with Sid and his beautiful sweet wife Kris, Sid told us he had a surprise for us. He was putting us up for the night in a 4 star resort, his treat.  When I looked it up it actually had 4.2 stars, so there!  Our bungalow was next to Karl Malone’s of the Utah Jazz professional basketball team.  If you know me my Lucy Ricardo brain was scheming ways to get to meet Mr. Malone. Would I lay in wait to see if there was movement? As not to disgrace my generous cousin I tucked those plans in my pocket for another day. Besides, I found out Karl was a friend of my cousins so if I was desperate for a meet and greet I am sure he could set one up.

The resort was very serene and quite beautiful.  As we walked in to our spacious digs the three of us were speechless. It was above and beyond. We profusely thanked my cousin and said our goodbyes promising not to let so much time pass between visits. The photo above is what we saw from the front door. Just past that gate was a rose garden to rival the White House! Several colors and types of roses were everywhere. There were birds in the tree over the gate and they greeted us with lovely chirping as we came and went.

There were 2 bedrooms with luxurious 4 poster beds. As I walked in to my room I saw it; the bathroom which was as big as my bedroom at home. People, I tell you I was mesmerized. Standing in that marble wonder I looked up to see a gigantic sky light . What got my attention most was the thing of beauty beckoning me forth. The huge marble bathtub spa thingy with the side jets exactly like a jacuzzi was calling my name.  The tub came with amenities too. There was a place to put a book should you be so inclined to read in the tub and a place to rest your weary head. Included in this lovely spa masquerading as a bathroom were several free trial size spa products to try after your soak. I couldn’t get in there soon enough!

So I told my sister I was turning in for the night, texted my husband the same since he was still at home in San Diego and looked forward to a nice long relaxing soak with water jets and bath salts and a good book. I forgot to mention the plush terrycloth robe and slippers provided to ease our weary traveling bodies. And the towels! Mercy! I started running the water and sprinkled in the sweet smelling bath salts. Sitting in that wonderfulness of relaxation I drifted off to wherever Calgon would have taken me.  The bath salts were invigorating (I would regret later). I felt relaxed and pampered. My skin started turning wrinkly, looking quite like a prune. It was time to get out and head to that very comfortable bed waiting for me. Get up. Come on, get up. Ahhhh…get up. Hmmmm. I could not get up. I could not get up! What the heck? Recently having my knee replaced had not even entered my mind. I was so enticed by the tub that my brain decided not to remind me my right leg could not possibly get me up from a flat sitting position. I think I actually heard the bed say “hey, what’s keeping you?” which didn’t help at all. 

Trying every which way to get out of that deep tub proved futile. My phone was on the dresser in the other room because I just knew I would drop it in the water if I had it anywhere near me so that was out.  Well, this was a fine kettle of fish! All I could think of was that episode of The Dick Van Dyke show where Laura gets her big toe stuck in the spout of the faucet. Rob has to call in plumbers to extricate a mortified Laura. It’s a very funny episode but I was not laughing at my dilema even though the room was spinning and I was seeing everything in black and white. Calling for my sister also proved futile because the volume on her TV was up and my door was closed. I did call out several times but nothing. Talking to myself I said, “don’t panic, you can sleep in this tub and they have to turn off that television sometime.” The water was getting cold, I was starting to panic, the walls were closing in, my relaxing bath turned in to a lesson in “think first” and I was out of options……or was I? 

Looking up to that skylight I got an idea that I should have thought of in the first place. Raising my hands I said out loud “Okay God, on the count of 3 I really need You to get me up so here we go. Are You ready? Okay one, two, three” and I stood straight up with no effort. It was like an angel just lifted me right up. I was already covered with a towel because I got super cold. Right then I started hysterically laughing. My sister walked in and said “did you call me? I thought I heard my name.” I said “oh nevermind”. She said okay and shut the door. I continued to laugh and laugh thanking God for helping me in any situation including getting me out of the tub. I was super energized so I didn’t fall asleep until 1:30 AM and, of course, I had to text my girlfriends a much abbreviated version so they could laugh with me. When you get to be a woman of a certain age you will take whatever excitement you can get even if it means spending the night in the bathtub of your dreams!  Boy, did I make a memory. I discovered that my God listens to me, loves me and wants to lift me up (as it were)! 


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