“History has its eyes on you.” That phrase has profoundly affected me ever since I first heard it through my ear buds.  I downloaded the soundtrack from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton and immediately fell in head over heels love with that phrase. The song portrays George Washington feeling the weight of the battle. He expresses in song that history has its eyes on him. He then turns to Alexander Hamilton and sings it to him as well.  History did have its eyes on those two men and the scores of others who shaped our nation. 

Every single day history has its eyes on us; who we are, what we do, how we can change our world for the good. People are watching us. Our families, our children, our neighbors, the corner grocer, the kid on the skateboard, all watching us. The soundtrack goes on to give me another very moving phrase, “you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” How will others tell YOUR story?

This past week has been a week like none other. Last Wednesday I got word that my darling daughter was gravely ill. She lives in Oregon and I in San Diego, California. Immediately I cried out to God, “Save her life Father. Please save her.” I went in to momma bear mode making all arrangements to get to her bedside as fast as humanly possible. “God, help me. What do I do?” It was the nurse calling me telling me she needed me that made me wish I was The Flash. Michele is married and has 2 children. Her husband was very stressed and worried. My daughter has a compromised immune system from a genetic disorder and her fevers spike quickly. She had a life threatening strep infection. 

I knew that I knew God had this. He had her in His hands. She is his. How would I react? How would I treat those helping me? I wanted to scream. When, later this story is told, how would it be told? Would it be honoring and glorifying to God? Every day we make those decisions. Will people around us know us and remember us as God honoring, God trusting, faithful people? I had a choice to make. I chose to put my full and complete trust in my faithful Heavenly Father Who had never let me down. 

That very week I was to co-direct our church’s VBS. God had other plans for me. He wanted me to be sitting day and night in a hospital room watching over and comforting a very sick woman. My little girl. While I was gone 3 dear friends died. Learning that news again made me repeat those words “you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” All 3 of my friends loved the Lord and are looking at the face of Jesus. We will tell their stories as we talk about how they influenced us. We, as Christians, know Who has control over who lives and dies. Our stories are told by those we influence. What will your story be?  Proverbs 22:1 tells us a good name is worth more than silver or gold. 


I could have walked into that hospital and gone all “Shirley MacClaine” on them. Remember? She was the crazed mother in the hospital in the movie Terms of Endearment who ran screaming down the halls for her daughter to get her pain meds. I chose to bring Jesus into Three Rivers Hospital with me. Jesus or Shirley MacClaine? Which would you choose? My sweet girl was in horrible pain. The staff was amazing. At this posting she is still hospitalized but improving in baby steps. I had many opportunities to share Jesus with chaplains, patients, doctors, nurses and comfort my daughter and her family. The history of that story had its eyes on me. Choosing Jesus is always wise. How will they tell your story?

I found 3 pennies in Grant’s Pass. God continued to remind me to trust Him always. It seemed when I was at my lowest a penny would show up. In God we trust. When they tell my story, when my time on this earth is over, I want them to say, “she trusted God; she was faithful.” History has its eyes me. History has its eyes on you.

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