Proverbs 22:1 – A good name is to be more desired than great riches, favor better than silver or gold.

This morning I am missing my Grandpa. William S. “Sid” Smith was a dapper man. He was always dressed in a suit and his signature hat. Boy, was he a smart dresser. He would say that you should always be dressed in your best because you just never know who you might meet. He was in the real estate business so his personal presentation was very important.
Last week as I was doing some sorting and cleaning I came across a VHS tape titled “Thanks For The Memories”. Curious, I put it in the VHS player that my husband insisted we keep. I was very glad we did when I saw what was on that tape. 

In 1988 my sister Pam and her husband John drove  1 hour east to Grandma & Grandpa Smith’s home in Campo. They went to take a video of Grandma and Grandpa narrating their 16mm and 8mm movies. The narration would tell us who our relatives were and give color to the celluloid treasures. That is exactly what was delivered, treasure. There was my dear Grandpa and Grandma looking fit and healthy. As Grandma played the piano and Grandpa described anniversaries, birthdays, sporting events, holiday celebrations and family shenanigans he caught on film, tears welled up in my eyes. Beautiful memories including Grandma in a hula hoop contest with us, my mom and dad in happier times and my Aunt Pam’s wedding where I sang Happy Birthday at the top of my lungs as I got to the end of the isle after performing my flower girl duties. You see Grandma grabbing me away and putting her white gloved hand over my mouth. There were even shots of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra at a golf tournament in Palm Springs. That was a kick! If you don’t know who those men are, Google them. They were very famous in their time. 

Each time I would come on the screen he would say, “well there’s ole Terrie Ince”, with a smile in his voice. I most definitely was Grandpa’s girl. He called me Terrie Ince because my cousin Tod could not say Terrie Lynn. It would always come out “Terrie Ince”. That name stuck and my 3 cousins still call me Ince. All of the grandkids had a nick name. They were Grandpa’s terms of endearment. I am pretty sure I told the story of going into Solomini’s cocktail lounge as a 6th grader selling Girl Scout cookies in an earlier blog post. Because I was Sid Smith’s granddaughter George Solomini bought all of the cookies in the trunk of my mom’s 57 Ford. If you know 57 Fords they have a huge trunk so there were a lot of cookies. Grandpa had done business with George with just a handshake. Grandpa said that a man is only as good as his word. He also taught me how to really shake hands like I mean business. Sid Smith always made the first gesture to shake hands. Around town he was know for his suit, hat and honesty. He was a man of his word. If he said he would do something he would. He also said to my mischievous brother a time or two, “there’s gonna be a hind end kicking and you’re gonna furnish it!” 

I have this laminated piece in my bible. Each time I run across it I thank God for the lasting legacy of Sid Smith. There are so many life lessons I learned from him. Because of his example I work hard, keep my word, love loyaly, read my Bible daily, refined my cooking skills, have Hershey bars and kisses in my freezer (he had his in a drawer in the kitchen and he said we always needed just a little sweet after dinner) and never let my children or grandchildren pay for a meal if I am with them.  I should probably write a book about him someday. There is so much more to say about his huge personality and steadfast love for his family. It is Grandpa Smith’s legacy that really got me going on leaving one of my own. Yes, a good name is worth far more than gold or silver for what good are gold and silver if you have no integrity? 

One day I will write about this beauty. Until then I will say, be a person of your word, treat others with kindness, make your yes be yes and your no be no, help others without obligation, work hard, be the example you want remembered, be wise. If you find a penny today write about how you will trust God to help you leave a lasting legacy.

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