Happy 2017 everyone! I cannot believe that 2016 is finally over. Whew! This has been a great beginning. Today we went to church and my husband sat by me. That may not seem odd to you but let me explain. We have gone to First Baptist Church of Lemon Grove for 38 years. Steve has been going for 23 of those years. He came back to faith in God and accepted Him as Savior 16 years into our marriage. My prayer to God all of those years was for him to come to know Christ as Savior. I also wanted just to sit by my husband and worship together. I would see all of these couples and families in church and there I sat, alone. I have to confess I did throw a few pity parties in my heart and head. Glad no one could see because it wasn’t pretty. A few years after Steve joined the church our church started using Power Point for sermon notes and song lyrics. Steve is a computer guy so that job was right up his alley which means I would not sit by my husband in church after all. I told the Lord I thought He had a pretty good sense of humor! Today, one of the teens learning Power Point told Steve he had it covered so Steve came downstairs and sat with me. There was a shift in the space/time continuum and Jesus was going to return were some of the comments we got! It was precious sitting by him on this first day of the New Year, a gift of favor from a loving Lord. 

After church we came home to rest for a while before we ventured out to a friend’s house for their annual New Year’s Day get together. The invitation says “bring all of your leftovers and we will have a feast”. Feast we did. There were collard greens and black eyed peas (a Southern staple for any January 1), corn bread, clam chowder, chips and dip, pasta salad, cranberry sauce, sliders and every manner of sweet treat. I ate too many of Phil’s ginger snaps. That man can bake a mean cookie! Lots of good conversation and munching went on while periodically checking in on the Charger game. They lost but I felt very proud of the quarterback for the opposing team. He is a local boy from the same high school my son attended and where my daughter-in-law currently teaches. 

It was off to the grocery store where he pushed the cart for me. Steve NEVER goes grocery shopping with me. This is a new thing for us, just like sitting next to me in church. What I found when he went was that I stuck to my list. I should take him every time. We came home and spontaneously decided to go to a movie. That is where I found them, my first two pennies for 2017. It was very fitting that one of the pennies was dated 2004 because that was the year I started on this penny journey of trust. Thirteen years later my journal has grown tremendously as has my faith and trust in God. In this season of our marriage we are really enjoying each other. There has been a new spark ignited, like we are dating for the first time. We flirt with each other a little more, spend more time in conversation, pray deeper and are happier to just be in the same room together. Last night in the theater, for the first time ever, he did not put the arm rest down between us. I nuzzled next to him and we held hands. It was a precious time. We both enjoyed the movie and talked about it all the way home. 

Loving my husband and this start to our 40th year together. Forty years ago tomorrow, January 3, I first laid eyes on that handsome, blonde haired guy across the room. Who knew? Thank you God for knowing. It is a sweet and lovely bonding. Trusting you Lord, as always. 

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One thought on “A Shift In The Space/Time Continuum

  1. I absolutely LOVED your story!!! I know exactly what you mean about your husband not sitting next to you. For so long I wanted to attend church again as I had when I was younger but my husband wasn’t a church goer nor a big believer. I remember one morning telling him I am going with or without him, after praying desperately for the Lord to work in his heart. I was washing a cup in the sink, prepared to walk out to go to a new church I had never been to and here comes my handsome husband walking downstairs, all dressed nice and everything to attend with me! Let’s just say we both fell in love with our church and he became a born again believer!

    As I was reading your story, I couldn’t help but have that memory pop into my mind. I love that you and your husband are flirting more and enjoying each others company. Time is too short to not enjoy the company of the ones we love.

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