I have a cold. Yep, the creeping crud has got me all laid up. Boy, have times changed for me. When my kids were growing up I worked full time. I don’t remember having the luxury of a sick day. Perhaps I stayed home if I couldn’t even dress myself but that was rare. 

My heart goes out to you working moms who go to work sick. I was looking at WebMD to see if I should go to the doctor. Some of the descriptions cracked me up. It said, “if you’ve got a tickle in the back of your throat or it feels like mucous dripping in the back of your throat, get up and go to work”!  Heck, I’ve gone to work with red watery eyes, snot dripping out of my nose, a slight fever and having to be quiet while coughing or holding a sneeze. I know you do too. Being a mother of a special needs child with a compromised immune system I took sick leave days to care for her. 

At one of my jobs the “big boss” called me in to his office one day. I was nervous because he and I were just on a “saying hi in the hall” basis. I really didn’t think he even knew my name. He told me that I had taken too much time off. Well, I knew I had been diligent about keeping track of my time. I asked him how much time I had taken. He told me I had used 11 days of the 12 I was given. Trying to be as respectful as possible I asked him why that was an issue. I was given 12 days, couldn’t I take them? He told me they were given to me but I wasn’t supposed to use them all. My job was getting done, I had great reviews, I was on time what was the problem? He asked me why I was sick so often. I told him I used my leave time to take care of my sick daughter. She had been in the hospital so I took 5 days off in a row.  He asked me if I had family that could care for her or if I could pay someone to take her to the doctor! Needless to say I gave my notice shortly after that. Ladies, I feel your pain.

God sustained me through all of those very difficult days. Each day I would wake up with a new attitude, put my game face on and go to work to do my very best for the Lord. Our pastor had given a sermon on 1 Corinthians 10:31. The verse says, “whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”(NIV). Do it ALL for the glory of God. I may have shouted “glory to God” a time or two while eating a chocolate peanut butter cupcake or some of my cousins home made mac and cheese. I may have even given up a loud praise over a cold glass of water on a very hot day. Giving our best for Him at work, dealing with customers, co-workers, bosses, taking care of your kids, cooking, cleaning house, driving, shopping, whatever – do it to God’s glory! People are watching you. If you say you are a Christian believe me they are watching. Oh, we have our moments, but overall we can do this! You might feel like you are on your last nerve but God knows that. Tell Him! Ask for a life boat. Ask Him to show you His glory. 

Here I sit, 64 years of age. I made it through 30 years of working full time, raising a family, driving to practices, attending games, raising a special needs child, dealing with an alcoholic mother, keeping the house clean, doing mounds of laundry, packing lunches, making dinners, helping with homework (while still going to night school myself), going to church, teaching Sunday School, bible studies, being a wife to my husband, praying, all of it. I am here to tell the tale! My heart is very tender for you if you are reading this and you are on your last leg. You are tired, worn out and just done. Go to the well my darling sister. Spend time with the One who told the woman at the well that He gives living water. Let His word refresh you. That is the only way I made it through.

Today I have the blessing of being able to stay home and get well without being concerned about a job or young children. You can persevere precious one. You can! Shoot me an email if you need prayer. I will lift you up to the Heavenly Father. My email is terrie.bearden@gmail.com. You are not alone my friend. Not alone at all. To God be the glory! 

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