I was invited to a Purim celebration today. Purim is the feast the Jewish people celebrate because Queen Esther saved them from annihilation. I wanted to make the traditional Challah braided bread to take to the party. Sourdough bread seems to be my forté these days so Challah couldn’t be that hard, could it? The more I thought about it the more nervous I got. I had already opened my big mouth and said I would bring it to the feast along with the Jewish dish kreplach. Making raised bread is a delicate process. I tried cinnamon rolls once and they would not rise. I even took the pans outside and put them in the sun! They were a disaster. In my inexperience I didn’t realize that I killed the yeast by using super hot water! Another lesson learned by watching Alton Brown. 

Friday was a busy day and as I was making my way to the grocery store I passed the La Mesa farmer’s market. Hoping to find sweet peas for my kitchen, I stopped. There is nothing like the sweet smell of those pretty petite flowers. They fill a room with delightful fragrance. Big aroma in a little package! As I was walking the sign “Bakery” caught my eye. Well, I am always up for anything that says bakery, so I went to investigate. What did I see among the cookies, pastries and baguettes but the most beautiful Challah I had ever laid eyes on. It was golden and soft. Oh goodness, I was in luck! My fears would be assuaged. Purchasing two glorious loaves, I made my way to the flower stand. Alas, no sweet peas so I bought a mixed bouquet. Flowers and Challah in hand I walked back to my car. On my way I saw a quarter on the ground. Picking it up I laughed out loud! I get the biggest kick out of God’s sense of humor. He never ceases to amaze me. Instead of a penny there were 25 of them in one large shiny silver coin as if to say, “Trust Me dear one. You should never attempt yeast bread for the first time when you are committed to provide it for a celebration so guess what…Challah for you!”

Oh gosh, I laughed all the way to my car out of pure joy. I know many are nay sayers about the penny journal but for me it is joy every time! A quarter for a big save! Thank you God for having my back and knowing my limits. I will try yeast bread sometime and maybe have my friends over for tea! Stay tuned. #InGodwetrust #LeavingALegacy #ProjectPenny #Holla4Challah

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