Taking “Leaving a Legacy” very seriously! 

Today, as my grandsons and great-nephews and I went to Slurpee Town, we hit the mother load of pennies. The boys found six! Of course when we got in the car I asked my question, “boys what are you trusting God for this very minute”, and here were the answers:

Luke: “That the world can live in harmony, you know, no fighting.”

Blake: “I want to ask Him to take care of the endangered species. They need safety and He will help them.”

Brody: “If an army from another state or, I mean, a country comes here that America will win. God will keep us safe.”

Braxton: “for toys and Labby”, (labby is Charlie their dog).

So now it is was my turn, what am I trusting God for? I said that I was trusting God to help me keep loving and studying His Word. According to Blake that was a good one! I am the most blessed EVER to experience this time with these darling boys. They are all boy believe me, and they rough house like crazy but they can be thoughtful and as gentle as lambs. What treasures! I am so thankful to God that He allows me to leave His imprint on their hearts. If you have an opportunity to minister to children, make it a priority. They need your example of godly living. They need to see God working in your life because they more often see just the opposite all around them. Be that breath of fresh air to a child today. 

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Just look at those faces!!

Galations 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good, for in the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 

Recently I spent the day with a dear friend going through a very difficult season. We went on many errands and had lunch. During our lunch I had to leave to pick up my nephews from school then go back to the restaurant to get my friend. Because of her health issues she moves very slow. Getting around is difficult. 

Every time I pick the boys up we go for Slurpees and a snack. Today we had to set our wants aside to help someone in need. Things were not going as we planned. Running more errands with my friend and with the boys in tow was such a life learning experience for them. They are 9 and 11. I had many opportunities to talk to them about taking our eyes off of ourselves (one nephew said he had been dreaming of Takis, a snack item, all day) and focusing on helping someone who could not help herself. One day we may need that same help and we will be so thankful when God provides for us. We talked about how my friend trusts in God daily for all of her needs as she cannot meet many herself. 

Our shopping trip at Albertson’s took 1.5 hours for various reasons. The boys bickered among themselves (they are boys) but overall were attentive. We found pennies and a dime! We were so happy to find them! I asked what they were trusting God for at that very minute. Blake said, “to put ourselves aside and help others, for money to support us and to love the animals with all our heart.” My own heart melted! 

(The boys love to sing!)

Thank you Lord for these teachable moments. My friend got all of her errands taken care of and the boys did get their Slurpees and snacks in the end. It was a very good day. The boys continue to ask about my friend. They have not forgotten. ❤️

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